​"Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and flowers on earth. They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education. " David Polis


If you’re interested in Outdoor Education or including nature connections in your Early Childhood Education program, we welcome you to our workshops and adult programs page. We offer workshops in our forests for educators looking to expand their knowledge on forest pedagogy. Looking for us to come to your program? Fresh Air Learning offers on site training with location-based information for a truly unique experience for your educators.


Please contact us to learn more about workshops or see current opportunities here


August 17th-21st
5 Days of Wonderful Outdoor Learning

Are you curious about the philosophy and practice of forest school? Join forest school educators from around Metro Vancouver and beyond for five days of outdoor learning that will include:

  • Forest school philosophy

  • Risk assessment, impact assessment, and site selection

  • Sharing songs and stories

  • Activities to help you bridge between structured learning and play-based learning

  • Hands-on basics such as ropes, tarps, knife work, weaving, and making cordage

  • Plant identification and activities that you can do with plants

  • Animal tracking

  • Nature connection practices such as nature journaling and sit spot


One of the best parts of the week is meeting enthusiastic educators like yourself who are keen to share!

When: August 17-21 2022

​Where: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, North Vancouver 

Cost: $660


Tricia Edgar

Daniella Roze

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Heather Fraser


August 20th-21st
Skills Weekend Workshop

Do you want to join the outdoor learning fun for two days in August? Join us for our Skills Weekend. You'll learn hands-on skills such as working with ropes, tarps, and knives, making cordage, plant identification, animal tracking and more.


When: Saturday & Sunday August 20-21 2022 9:30-4:30

​Where: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, North Vancouver ​

Cost: $185


Tricia Edgar


2022 - 2023
Wild Wisdom: A Deep Nature Connection Journey
Wild Wisdom is for those who want to connect more deeply to nature as well as build skills and practices to share in their own teaching programs. This nine-month class weaves together nature-based skills and crafts, community building, mentorship, song, games, engagement of the senses, personal reflection, solo time, ecotherapy practices, and ceremony.
Themes for 2022-2023 Include: 

- Weaving with Plants
- Edible and Medicinal Plants
- Fire make (including bow drill)

- Crafting
- Animal Tracking and Birds
- Land Restoration and Projects
- Overnight Solo
- Explorations of Decolonization and Reconciliation

These themes offer a guideline for the program and are flexible. Themes may change based on the group interests, program logistics and unforeseen circumstances.

Dates for 2022-2023:

October 15-16th (Overnight)

November 20th

January 28th

March 11th

March 12th

May 6-7th (Overnight)

June 18th

Time: 9:00-4:00

​Locations: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, Mt Seymour, North Vancouver 

Campout Location:  Langley

Cost: $1400 *


*Bring a friend promo! Register with a friend and both receive 5% off.

**If finances are a barrier in attending, please contact us about our Equity Fund. Email:

*Covid exceptions: In the event that due to Covid-19 are unable to meet in person, then we will shift to alternate dates with 1.5 hour online zoom calls in the interim. Read our COVID-19 policies and refund/cancellation policies here.

Registration Deadline: September 23 2022

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Daniella Roze

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About our Equity Fund: With the understanding that relationship to land is accompanied by responsibility to social and ecological change, we recognize a responsibility toward just, equitable, and inclusive learning, and are committed to working toward "equity in all our relationships"[1]. We understand that societal systems of oppression target certain groups and identities of people and effect access to resources in disproportionate ways. As such, we have created an equity fund to increase access to our program and as a small step toward educational equity. 


Please consider making a donation to our Equity Fund. Your tax-deductible donation will support our efforts toward collective change.


Smith, Phoenix. “Ecotherapy and Social Justice.” April 7, 2021.



2022 - 2023

Fostering relationships with self, community, and the Earth is a journey of a lifetime: this is the core of the Wild Wisdom program.

We believe that by building ongoing community and deepening our connection to both our inner and outer nature, we can foster the resilience needed to live well in these times and contribute to a life-sustaining world. Returning students will have the opportunity to expand their skills, deepen their connection to nature, and receive further mentoring. Join fellow alumni and new students in this transformative 9 month program.

Students can register for this option in two ways:

1. Explore further into nature connection practices that enliven an interrelationship with all life and connect us to our innate wholeness. Strengthen your wilderness skills such as: shelter building, friction fire, tracking, natural fibre, edible and medicinal plants, and more. With advanced coaching from the instructors you will develop your own project with a goal of completion by the end of the 9 month mentorship program.

2. Deepen your skills in mentorship and facilitation. With this second option, as a returning Wild Wisdom student you will have the opportunity to step up and co-facilitate portions of the monthly gatherings. You will receive one on one coaching and skills from the facilitators that enable you to dive deeper into your role as an educator and learn new ways of sharing regenerative and transformative nature education.

Alumni Program Fee: $1200

If finances are a barrier in attending, please contact us about our Equity Fund. Email:

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Daniella Roze

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Daniella Roze


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Stephanie McKay

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Additional Resources

If you’re thinking of starting a forest school or you’ve attended one of our professional development sessions, you may be interested in our professional development resource handbooks, as well as our list of forest school learning outcomes.


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