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We in Vancouver have been enjoying getting to know Jericho Beach Park in new ways as we explore the forest and the beach. One favourite stop along our hike to our main forest play spot is "The Rock," a large, rough-textured rock with a gently sloping side, perfect for working on our climbing. With one teacher on top of the rock and the other at the bottom, we can support children to work on their climbing skills and take on some exhilarating (and developmentally appropriate) physical risks. The Rock is very forgiving. The rock is rough-textured to allow for good traction with our boots, sloping so as to facilitate climbing, yet not so easy as to be unchallenging to the 3 and 4 year old perso

Friendships and Types of Play

As we moved into the end of our third month together, the children have had more time to interact and form ideas about each other. They are getting to know each other better, some of each other's interests, and are starting to figure out who likes to engage in certain activities. At the same time, they are becoming more familiar with the forest, the equipment and tools they have access to, and the games that can be played. Our young learners most frequently engage in independent, onlooker, parallel, and associative play, which is developmentally appropriate. Independent play is when the child is playing on their own and are uninterested in what others are doing. This is a great stage of play

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