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In the Cold November Rain

The autumn was picturesque with golden leaves drifting slowly down to dapple the forest floor with their starry shapes. This splendor faded away to make room for smells of rotting leaves, mud and spent salmon....YESS!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!

The kids have been making serious tracks into the woods and earning their stripes.


If it's slick let's slide. If it's dirty let's lie down in it.

Scroll through the images then read about more of our adventures....

He was once a frog we think

Chiseling inspired by our wood pecker friend

Tuckered salmon spawning near the farm

Rope play for all!!

These kids are super keen and capable.

My oh my....Some of the best images are those of your children with rosy cheeks, smudged noses, mucky boots and massive smiles. These are mainstays of these Fresh Air kids. Ask them about surfing in the Hidden Garden bog, jiggling around the Witch's Butter, making traps to catch a saber tooth and painting with both clay and mud.

Many a day has been spent tying knots to set up rope webs for bouncing and swinging on. The rope play is endless fun and a great opportunity for teamwork which they practice in spades. We have been blessed with some pretty amazing bird encounters too.

The children got to have a good long chat with a Bard Owl at Hidden Garden. We had the wonderful opportunity to lie back and observe an eagle on Bear Trail and who can forget the crazy Wood Pecker at our meeting area!! How does it not get a headache??

The wood pecker inspired a chiseling activity that really captivated the children. Both kids and bird can make a whole lot of wood chips....if you have a wood chip idea please share....

Bows and arrows were, "The Thing" for a while. A very good tool for hunting shape-shifting lions and unicorns. Rescue Bots seem to have been laid down for new group play. Mainly finding perfect rocks to throw in puddles, testing debris (or bodies) for buoyancy, discovering islands and testing ones balance as one attempts to get from one side of the swamp to the other.

We teachers are extremely proud of the children's creative, thoughtful and robust energy while they delve into nature's finest play spaces. Way to go parents for continuing to send them with the gear (and extra gear) to keep them warm and dry, the nourishment to keep them going and the gumption to get them here each day. We treasure each child and take great pleasure in connecting with them as they connect with themselves, each other and the seasons in these special spaces.

See you very soon.

Take Care,

Your FAL Teachers


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