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Late Winter Love

A child called me over. "Look!" she exclaimed. "I found ice shaped like a heart."

Everyone gathered around to admire the heart-shaped ice. We are social creatures, pattern-noticers and meaning-makers. We delight in discovery and sharing our discoveries with others. The snow and ice in the forest this winter made for moments of extraordinary exploration. We slipped and slid, poked and prodded, watched and wondered.

We introduced children to the art of finger weaving. We made scarves, bracelets and really long lengths of rope. We love to make things. We are creative, inventive and industrious.

We are emotional creatures. We feel sad, angry, happy, bored, silly, and so much more. To help label and recognize those feelings, we show the children cloud faces. The children point to the face that represents what they feel and talk about why. We listen to each other and notice how others are feeling. We develop empathy, compassion and trust. One child said that we need to make more feeling clouds because he has "so many feelings!" We provided blank cloud faces so children could draw their own feelings.

And always, we move. We walk, run, jump, balance, climb, slide, wrestle, roll, squat, lift, carry, fall, throw. In the forest, our bodies move with freedom, grace and joy.

At the farm, we checked in with our animal friends, the goats, pigs, horses and chickens. And we helped take care of some new additions. One hundred baby chicks needed feeding, warmth and gentle touch, which we were happy to provide.

During the winter, our garden plot at Southlands Farm was mulched with straw to enrich the soil. Now is the time to prepare it for Spring planting. We removed the straw and top-dressed the plot with compost. This involved using fun farm tools like shovels, hoes and wheelbarrows. We worked hard to care for our garden and prepare it for planting seedlings next month.

I hope you are enjoying the first days of Spring!



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