• Andrea Eilers

Sunshine and Rain

October was full of sunshine, and our programs really glowed in its warmth.

September is a time to get to know routines, fine-tune both our logistics and gear and get our hiking legs back on.

October has really clicked into place with children having a greater sense of the pace of the play day and how they fit into it. Well done children!

We've had a few questions from grown-ups around their child being a little out of sorts this past couple of weeks. Over the years we have noticed this is not atypical. The excitement of Halloween grows with each conversation about costumes and the journeys from here to there have eye-catching decorations, the idea of candy whether you eat it or decide to refrain from eating it all adds to inner combustion in various degrees. Then we add on a later night of trick or treating and fireworks followed by a time change amidst a season change. Well! The kids and their grown-ups feel the shift all to well, especially with waking an extra hour early many mornings in a row!!! Ahhhh, take heart this too in time shall pass.

In the meantime, try not to sweat it. Children may ask for you to carry them, or to stay home all together and you do what you do to step through each day the best you can. You my choose to dial back on the odd activity and stay home to have a longer bath time, bake, rake or have living room picnics with teddy bear friends while your child...and you reset. Whatever you choose, try to rest, let a few things slide and cuddle to your hearts content.

Mid-November is a lovely time of year to mellow and look around before conversations around Christmas start to get sprinkled in with more frequency. We take time to check whether the salmon are running - and they are! They have been spotted on the Seymour River along with eager trout working there way up to sneak the roe. We also experience the intensity of the rains and chillier mornings. The change in weather brings more questions: Has anyone seen a rolly-polly, slug, or beatle lately? Where did they go? Hmmmm....

Children are also beginning to notice others around them more which adds a greater comfort, allowing them to reveal their inner world more overtly. This layer of sharing offers opportunities for each to connect with fresh interest with what the other is up to - and so the deepening of play blooms as the forest starts to rest.

As we inch out of the golden cover of the autumn season into the cloudy mist of winter, we intensify our curiosity where tracking for following routine used to be.

We look forward to observing the children's questions, stories and bodies as they flow over the play spaces and guide our direction for our next forest adventure.

Well done FAL families in supporting your children to venture into connecting with our very special, natural space at their own pace.


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