• Jocelyn

The Magic of Ideas

After the children finish eating their snack and listening to a story, the educators will bring out the day's materials and equipment. In one of our afternoon groups, there is often a request for a swing and depending on the area, the branches may or may not be conducive to a "proper" swing.

On this particular day, the swing was too close to the tree trunk so the children tried different ways to use the swing - standing, sitting, twisting, pushing.

One of the children then had the idea of tying the long, leftover piece of rope to a log that was far away, in an attempt to pull the swing further from the tree trunk.

They then had the idea of pulling the long leftover rope. Doing this, they could swing side to side instead of back and forth. While one child would sit or stand on the swing, another child or group of children would pull the rope together.

Later, the children decided to attach ropes and the bike tube to the swing to create a braking system.

Throughout this exploration, the children were negotiating between who's turn it was, which ideas to try, how much the rope pullers should pull the rope, and how high the person sitting on the swing actually wanted to go.

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