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Black Lives Matter: Resources for Parents

Updated: Jun 8

Thank you to teacher Rebekah for writing this post.

With the rising awareness of police violence, anti-Blackness, and ongoing systemic and interpersonal racism over the last few weeks, we wanted to offer some resources for having conversations with children about racism, share some diverse booklists, and highlight some local organizations that we can support.

Talking about race with children

It’s never too early to talk with children about race. This recent CBC article highlights some of the reasons why. Here are some resources if you’re looking for support in these conversations:

Youtube video:

Vera Ahiyya, aka the Tutu Teacher, has a great video about race and what is going on in the US that she recorded for her kindergarten class. She explains what’s going on, and reads the story Let’s Talk About Race by Julius Lester. She also runs the Diverse Reads instagram account which is another great resource.

Books about racism

If any of these resources have been useful - consider donating directly to the person/organization that put them together!

Books about nature, the outdoors, environmentalism, featuring diverse characters

Local organizations + businesses you can support

For donations, Hogan’s Alley Society, Black Lives Matter Vancouver, or the Emergency Black Community COVID-19 Fund are all local Black-led organizations doing work in the community. A list of more organizations based in Canada can be found here.

If you are looking for books, consider buying from Strong Nations, Massy Books, or Iron Dog Books (all Indigenous-owned/led companies).

For a list of local Black-owned/led businesses, Kula Kitchen compiled a list on facebook, and Afrobiz has a directory.

Take a look at Juju Milay's website ( and her work with Colour the Trails (

Led by Dr. Joseph Lin, The Green Club has been dedicated to environmental education on biodiversity and multiculturalism in Metro Vancouver since 1993.

Learning more + other opportunities

Eager to learn more about anti-racism? Check out Stratagem, a locally-organized virtual conference in July on equity, inclusion and justice. They’re also offered content (workshops, creativity and movement classes) for kids + youth in grades 3-12!

Many resource lists are circulating right now - this one has scaffolded resources (aimed at white people), and this one has resources aimed at white parents.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has a great resource centre for parents, educators, and families for anti-bias education.

Melanin Basecamp published a guide to outdoor allyship.

Please email us through our Contact Us page if you have other resources to add!


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