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Originally posted on Dec 31, 2015

As we entered into December we saw some mild wind storms and some heavy rain that affected some of our play spaces and created new opportunities for play and discovery. Having to build a new shelter made for days of searching for materials and making plans together to build a strong shelter for the winter. The changes also opened up new paths ways and chances for viewing our spots in a new light from different vantage points. Some children commented on how all the new sunlight would be good for ‘our’ newly planted trees.

During this term we also had the opportunity to visit a new site altogether, Maplewood Mudflats. We had a wonderful day there with plenty of play time at the beach, where driftwood became homes, shelters and cruise ships. We also had the opportunity to beach comb and salvage wash up items to enhance our play. We were lucky enough to come across two sets of deer tracks and followed them into the woods and found a snug shelter where it’s possible deer had been sleeping. The Wild Bird Trust had also added new bird feeders in a concentrated area making bird sighting easier, and the children enjoyed watching the many song birds coming and going.

With all the rain came wonderful mud. We took the children to Hidden Garden where they fully immersed themselves in the art of mud appreciation. We also took the opportunity to learn about how ivy affects trees and the children were very enthusiastic about ivy pulling. We managed to remove ivy from several trees but realized that this is an ongoing job.

For our last day we treated ourselves to a campfire and popcorn. Some of the children helped Lisa make a popcorn maker out of two sieves wired together, it worked! We had warm popcorn by the fire before we said goodbye to everyone for the break and wished them all a Happy New Year.

See you in 2016!

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