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Create a Miniature World

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In these challenging times, Fresh Air Learning is sending out daily outdoor activity idea for you to do with your family.

When my daughter was small, we used to create fairy gardens around our house. These involved some teeny, tiny teacups for fairies that we made out of the tops of acorns, a few flat rocks because fairies need a place to hang out, and some soft-leafed plants where the fairies could wrap themselves up to sleep. Ah, the life of a fairy!

Whether your family likes fairy gardens or ant playgrounds, head outside today and take a close look at what's on the ground around you. Choose a spot, and create your own miniature world.

Here are a few ideas for your miniature world:

  • Teeter-totters are very fun for ants, worms, and slugs, we hear. Can you create a tiny teeter-totter in your world?

  • How about a bathing area? A large sturdy leaf helps catch the water, or if you have a shell in the house or are near the ocean, they are an excellent choice as well.

  • What will your creatures eat? Where will they eat? Make a little platform and spread out some delicious food.

  • Where will they live? Do they live under a rock or in a cluster of cones?

Send us some photos of your fairy garden in our Facebook messages, and we will share them in a future post!


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