• Tricia Edgar

Create a Nature Bracelet

If you are going on many a family walk around the neighbourhood as I am these days, chances are you will stumble upon something wonderful - a topic of conversation. Whether that's a salmonberry bush that's starting to get its leaves or a tiny cedar cone, you might

Create a memory of your walk so that you can tell the story of that walk when you get home. Only take what is on the ground - the plants are working hard to grow their leaves and make food right now, so let them keep their new green leaves.

Use a string to create a bracelet and hole punch what you find, adding it to your bracelet. Alternatively, you can use tape to do this. Place it inside-out and put it around your wrist so that it is sticky.

After you get home, talk about what you found and retrace the story of your walk. Remember to go on a walk through the neighborhood on another day and return what you've found so that it goes back to nature.


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