• Tricia Edgar

Create a Sit Spot

What is a sit spot?

A sit spot is a special place.

It could be a place where you feel quiet.

It could be a place where you get to explore by yourself.

You might sit and listen and look in your sit spot.

You might walk and investigate at your sit spot.

If you live near a place with a tree or two - or some grass - or a place where your children can sit, even momentarily, then you can have a sit spot. Sometimes I have one on the balcony too. It's quiet out there and I can look around at the trees, and very few people can see me. I like to sit down on the ground too. Sometimes I see bumblebees going in and out of their nest holes. They are comfortable because I am still and quiet.

You can make a special spot or a sit spot by building a fort or putting a special rock in that place. Come back to it and check in and be quiet for a bit, even if it's just for a minute.

Challenge yourself to be quiet for longer and longer. You can do this as a family too, sitting in the forest or on the grass. If you sit in a place for a while, the animals get used to you. Once my daughter and I sat in the forest next to a creek, and a rock started to move. It was actually a frog! It was comfortable with us because we were not moving.

Byrd Baylor has some great books about listening to the land. The Other Way to Listen is one of them. Perhaps you could tell the story about what you heard when you were sitting in your sit spot?

What will you find in your sit spot today?


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