• Tricia Edgar

Creating in Nature

At Fresh Air Learning, we love creating things with our hands, and one activity that we embark on quite often is nature art. We particularly enjoy Andy Goldsworthy-style land art. You can see some of his work here.

These simple, pattern-based art projects help children see patterns that are already in nature, such as the patterns in leaves and sunflowers.

Today, go on a pattern hunt! Find patterns that are already in nature.

Look for:

Can you find anything else that is in a pattern?

Now, create nature art in a pattern or a shape. Put your little piece of nature art near a trail and see what happens to it overnight! Do dogs move the cones around? Did a squirrel take one to eat (Douglas squirrels eat the seeds of Douglas-fir cones)?

Just make sure that you only use materials that are on the ground already, such as shells or cones that will be moved by the waves or the wind in any case. We avoid using living plants, human-made materials, and anything that could be damaged if we move it.

Have fun creating art!

Until tomorrow, Tricia


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