• Tricia Edgar

Exploring Hapa-zome

I love flowers. I also enjoy creating unstructured art.

What happens when you bring the two together? It's the Japanese art of flower and leaf pounding called hapa-zome (leaf dye).

As the flowers start to fall from bushes and trees, collect them and create an artistic memory.

You will need:

  • Flowers that have fallen to the ground. Some fallen leaves also work for this activity. Any leaves or flowers should have a strong colour.

  • A hammer.

  • Eye protection.

  • Some thick paper or durable fabric such as an old bedsheet

Fold the paper or fabric in half. Place the flowers or leaves on one half of the paper or fabric. Then fold it up again. Use a hammer or smooth rock to pound on the fabric. Try it gently at first so you don't press through!

Open up your fabric and see what happened! This is one of my favourite activities to do with children and adults of all ages.


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