• Tricia Edgar

Knots, Knots, Knots!

We don't bring many materials out into the forest, but we love rope and string!

What can you do with string and ropes in the forest? We make swings, ladders, and often spider webs.

Here are a few simple items you can make with string and rope tied into knots.

Would you like to make a log dog?

That's a stick that has a timber hitch on it to attach the knot to the stick like a leash.

Do you have lots and lots of little pieces of string and you'd like to make them bigger to make a spider web or a really long snake? Try a square knot.

It is also fun to watch children work on their own to invent their own knots. They are very proud of themselves when they do this! This could lead to experimentation with "official" knots or to a fascination with finger knitting, as it did in one of our classes (see photo above). You can also use knots as an inspiration for weaving!

No knot discussion would be complete without a shout out to Ylvis (makers of What Does the Fox Say) for their fabulous video The Trucker's Hitch. It is most appropriate for adults or older kids.

Enjoy exploring and building with knots!


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