• Tricia Edgar

Mud Painting

This March has been very sunny, but muddy days are going to come again. Today we're focusing on art that you can do outside - specifically, mud painting!

You'll need a tarp (preferably white, but any colour will do) or some packing paper if you want to keep the muddy creations. You can also do this on a fence. The lighter the colour, the easier it is to see your mud art. You will also need a paintbrush, a container, and some mud.

Set up an art station and be ready to clean off muddy clothing when you are done!

I've done this activity with many children, and it keeps them engrossed for a long time. Hooray for mud!

Alternative activity: On a sunny day, take a container of water and paint the pavement or a fence with the water. It evaporates as you go, so this can take a looooong time.


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