• Tricia Edgar

Nature's Camera

Photo: albert12001

Have you ever looked very, very closely at something you found in nature? Perhaps it was a spiralling cone or blades of grass and flowers that looked like an ant's playground.

Today's nature activity is focused on looking closely and getting more connected with the plants and animals around you through this close connection.

Find some sticks that are on the ground. Then look around you. Look more closely. Even if you have a lawn that's only grass - is it? Chances are there are a few tiny flowers, a blade of grass that's intriguingly-shaped, or a pebble that looks like it contains flecks of gold.

Find what intrigues you, and frame it with the sticks. Now, go on a tour of these unique artworks that nature has made and you have discovered.

Sometimes we think that we need to embark on a journey into the wilderness to see the view. However, when you look closely, you'll find that beauty in nature comes in many sizes and is often right outside your door.


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