• Tricia Edgar

Water Your Bees!

If you'd like to help the bees this year, know that warmer weather is helping them wake up right now. Bumblebees generally start to fly around 10 degrees (though I have seen them out on a frosty 8 degree day) and honeybees like weather that is a few degrees warmer.

It's getting to be that time of the year!

In addition to planting flowers that the bees use for nectar, you can also give the bees a boost by making a bee waterer.

You'll need:

  • The base for a plant pot - alternatively, you can use a deep lid from a container, as long as it will hold water.

  • Rocks or aquarium marbles if you happen to have them around

  • Water

Bees need to drink, and they need stepping stones to stand on when they are drinking. A bee waterer provides the bees with water even when it is dry outside, and it gives them a safe place to stand.

Place the rocks at the bottom of the lid and put water in so that the rocks become islands. Put it in your garden, and get ready for some bee watching!


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