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It can be hard to find the time and the space to play freely in wild places, and this is what forest school is all about. Young children are at the perfect age to explore the properties of mud in a mud kitchen or to create balancing games on a log. Getting dirty, climbing rocks, and finding our way safely and happily through the forest is all part of the forest school experience. Forest school is all about observing and supporting children’s interests, and we give children the time and space to make their own discoveries. 


Throughout our programs, children will have many opportunities to experience play-based nature education, create with nature, listen to stories in the forest and learn about the places around them as they change throughout the seasons. Over the course of a year at forest school, children grow in their physical capacity and resilience, social-emotional learning, and connections to the land and to each other. They’ll experience so much that we have created an entire page of forest school learning outcomes below! 

Parent & Tot

Wednesday 10 AM - 12 PM

Parent and Tot 2-3’s
Lynn Canyon

Wednesday 10 AM - 12 PM

Parent and Tot 2-3’s

Jericho Beach Park

4 - 10's Programs

Tuesday 9:30 AM - 1:00PM

Age 4-7
Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Tuesday 10AM - 2:30PM
Age 5-10
Everett Crowley Park

Wednesday 10 AM - 3:00PM

Age 5-8
Jericho Beach Park

3 - 6's Programs

Monday 10AM - 12PM
Age 3-6
Lynn Canyon

Wednesday 10AM - 12PM

Age 3-6
Lynn Canyon


Friday 10AM -12:30PM

Age 3-6
Seymour River Heritage Park

Wednesday 1PM - 3:30PM

Age 3-6
Jericho Beach Park

"I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel when I pick him up from Fresh Air Learning and see him covered head to toe with mud! When he started three years ago he would tell me that he doesn't like the rain, but now when he wakes up in the morning to see that it is raining he can't wait to get to the forest."

- A Program Parent



We connect to different parks and farms around Metro Vancouver, including Jericho Beach Park, the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, Lynn Canyon Park, the Seymour River Heritage Park, Interriver Park, Loutet Farm, Southlands Farm, and Maplewood Farm. 

Forest School Registration Fees (Ages 2-9)

Programs run September to June. We offer programs that meet once a week, and you may enroll your child in as many individual classes as you like. Monday fees are lower due to statutory holidays. *All registration is first come first served.

Payment Policies & Information

  • Each registration now requires a one-time $35 non-refundable deposit (membership*). A portion of membership fees go to our scholarship fund.

  • First month's fees due upon registration. These are nonrefundable.

  • We require 4 weeks' notice should you decide to withdraw. Remaining fees returned or canceled.

  • After March, fees are non-refundable.

  • Class transfers are $50.

  • We accept distributed learning funds. Contact Meghan: 

  • Payments up to 30 days late will be assessed a 10% administration fee.

  • Payments more than 30 days late will be assessed a 25% administration fee.

  • Spots vacant after a month will be filled.


*Members receive:

  • A one-time printable resource package and recorded nature story-times for exploring outdoors. 

  • Seasonal parent professional development (online)

  • 10% off adult professional development programs


**If enrolling a sibling in a program, enter the rebate code "Sibling Membership Discount" to receive a 35% discount off!

If fees pose a financial challenge for your family, please contact us about scholarship funds to waive the membership fee or alternative payment schedules BEFORE YOU REGISTER. Contact Meghan:

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