Are you interested in gaining extensive experience working with a single class over time? If you’d like to learn about local ecosystems, develop hands-on outdoor skills, and discover how you can become a nature mentor for children, take a look at our internship position. We are looking for volunteers who would like to work with an entire class and those who are interested in supporting one or two children as they integrate into the class.

To ensure consistency for the children, we ask for a minimum one-term commitment to a specific program session, with a preference for those who can commit to the majority of the school year. Positions are available in North Vancouver and Vancouver. Many of our volunteers have gone on to positions that focus on outdoor learning, whether it’s teaching in an outdoor program, running an outdoor program at a preschool, or teaching at the elementary school level.

If you are a high school student who loves nature, enjoys working with children, and is looking for a short term work experience,  consider our high school volunteer program. We welcome high school students who would like to volunteer with our classes for preschoolers.  We ask for a commitment of at least 8 weeks.

What will you learn?


  • Plant and animal identification and hands-on outdoor skills

  • How to facilitate in an outdoor learning environment

  • How to work with children to help them resolve conflicts and work on problems

  • How to manage risk while encouraging children to explore

Work with and learn from our experienced facilitators.
We welcome volunteers to our seasonal professional development programs – we reserve some spots for our dedicated volunteers!

For more information about our programs, including locations and what a typical day might look like, please visit our Preschool-Age Program and Elementary Age Program pages.

To volunteer with Fresh Air Learning, please contact us today!


Contact us via email or call us at 604-802-7539.

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