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The Fresh Air Learning board is made up of community members and Fresh Air Learning parents who work to connect children to nature through play. We’re a working board that’s actively involved in policy development, program visioning, and fundraising. We’re also family-friendly and fun!

We have a fantastic team of board members, and we’re always looking for people with energy to bring to our board. Our AGM is in November, and prospective board members are encouraged to reach out to us by the end of September. If you’re considering volunteering for our board, we’re always looking for individuals with financial savvy and community-building experience. Contact us for details.


Tricia Edgar - Program Director

Tricia loves to connect people with their places.  For over 20 years, she has worked as a nature educator, developing programs that explore the streams and forests of the temperate rainforest. She is a permaculture teacher with a Master's degree focused on ecological restoration and community development.


When she is not learning and writing about the outdoors, you can find her hanging out with her daughter, running in the forest, gardening, or caring for her many pets and foster animals. She enjoys visiting amazing natural places and sharing them with her daughter. She also loves stomping in the mud!

Katrina Headshot.JPG

Katrina Sterba - Assistant Director

Nature has always been Katrina's greatest teacher, and growing up on 20 acres of woods in Wisconsin instilled her with a wonder  for the natural world. She is thrilled to be Fresh Air Learning's Assistant Director because she gets to help hundreds of kids and families
connect to and play in nature every year.


Her background includes training in sustainable horticulture, yoga teaching, and nature-based program management, facilitation and administration. When she is not in the garden, camping, or on her yoga mat, she is most likely splashing in puddles with her kiddo and dog Juniper.


Meghan Railton - Administrator

Meghan is a licensed Early Childhood Educator with over 10 years of experience in the field. She is a strong believer in the power of nature and incorporates Forest School Pedagogy into her programs. With her own children in Forest School, Meghan can help answer your questions about how to best dress your child for success in the forest, and she is happy to help you find a class that best suits your child!


Meghan believes that children who are met with freedom of choice, meaningful connection and risk-taking, grow into independent, resilient adults who are well equipped to care for our planet and each other. With the Golden Ears Mountains close to home, Meghan can be found hiking on her off time.


Queenie So- Member at Large

Bio coming soon.


Kate Watson - Treasurer

Kate is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and, prior to her recent role as a Stay at Home Mum, she worked as the Director of Finance and Administration for the Social Planning and Research Council of BC Society (SPARC).  Kate is excited to work with Fresh Air Learning for a number of reasons.  The FAL values align closely with her values, particularly commitment to the ongoing work of anti-racism and inclusion. She is connected with the North Van community, where she and her family live, and loves that FAL benefits local families by providing a new/alternative way to educate children.

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Nathalie Nebel - Member at Large

Nathalie is a past parent in the Fresh Air Learning program and a mother of four children. She is a trained secondary school teacher with majors in English and German. She has taught in Switzerland at an international school and in Germany in adult education. 


Angela Allester - Member at Large

Angela is an elementary educator living in Lynn Valley with her family. Her three children adore the forest and have blossomed while a part of the Fresh Air Learning programs. Angela has a Masters in Educational Leadership with a focus on Social Justice education. She is passionate about the importance of play, being outside, and integrating literacy everywhere with children.

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Salima Vaiya - Member at Large

Salima has a background in education. Her recent experiences with home learning have led her to value more deeply the role of the facilitator, developmentally appropriate learning opportunities and screen-free childhoods. She is in awe of the Fresh Air Learning community and is grateful to be able to have such a community for her child to play in.


Drae Mulder - Member at Large

Back in Fresh Air Learning’s beginnings, I came on board as the administrator. I love this program. It was bittersweet to move on to a different career but it has been thrilling to watch its development. I'm a passionate environmentalist who believes that giving children a connection to and sense of belonging within the natural world is one of the best ways to encourage them towards a path of lifelong environmental stewardship. Not to mention, everyone should get to play in the mud sometimes, it's so fun!

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