Board of Directors

The Fresh Air Learning board is made up of community members and Fresh Air Learning parents who work to connect children to nature through play. We’re a working board that’s actively involved in policy development, program visioning, and fundraising. We’re also family-friendly and fun!

We have a fantastic team of board members, and we’re always looking for people with energy to bring to our board. Our AGM is in November, and prospective board members are encouraged to reach out to us by the end of September.


If you’re considering volunteering for our board, we’re always looking for individuals with financial savvy and community-building experience. Contact us for details.

Tricia Edgar


Program Director


Tricia loves to connect people with their places.  For over 20 years, she has worked as a nature educator, developing programs that explore the streams and forests of the temperate rainforest. She is a permaculture teacher with a Master's degree focused on ecological restoration and community development.


When she is not learning and writing about the outdoors, you can find her hanging out with her daughter, running in the forest, gardening, or caring for her many pets and foster animals. She enjoys visiting amazing natural places and sharing them with her daughter. She also loves stomping in the mud!

Katrina Sterba


Assistant Director 


Nature has always been Katrina's greatest teacher, and growing up on 20
acres of woods in Wisconsin instilled her with a wonder  for the natural world. She is thrilled to be Fresh Air Learning's Assistant Director because she gets to help hundreds of kids and families
connect to and play in nature every year.


Her background includes nature-based program management, facilitation and administration as well a training in sustainable horticulture, dance and yoga. When she is not in the garden, camping, or on her yoga mat, she is most likely splashing in puddles with her kiddo and dog Juniper.

Carolynne Wilks-Perger


Carolynne is a business professional with a focus on finance, engineering and operations. She has an EMBA from University of Fredericton, Project Management Certificate, Engineering degree and has over 10 years of industry experience. Carolynne’s passion is in volunteering, and she serves on several boards.


Carolynne is an avid adventure and outdoors enthusiast, on evenings and weekends you can find her doing activities such as hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and scuba diving around the lower Mainland. You also won’t ever find her too far from her camera as photography is one of her main hobbies.

Laura Piersol

Member at Large


Laura Piersol is a SFU instructor, educational researcher and wanderer within the Fraser River and Chapman Creek Watersheds.  She has worked as an ecological educator for 20 years.  Most recently, Laura has taught in SFU Semester in Dialogue, City Studio, SFU Master’s  program in Ecological Education and worked as a Faculty Associate. She helped to start two public elementary schools, the Maple Ridge Environmental School and NEST (Nature Education for Sustainable Todays and Tomorrows), where she continues to work as an educational researcher.  

Charlotte Wilkinson 

Member at Large


Charlotte is the parent of one child in the Fresh Air Learning program. She has a BA in Youth Ministry and Psychology and a certificate in Special Education. Before she had her son, she was a special education assistant and a nanny. She enjoys spending time with her son at the beach, parks, and water parks and camping and outdoor exploration. Their family has an adorable tabby cat named Cauliflower who is her son's best friend.    




Gurwinder Singh


Gurwinder is a creative leader passionate about helping tech companies grow. He manages growth strategies for XLRator, a tech incubator in the Fraser Valley. Gurwinder has more than 12 years of experience in software & web development, new media, and creative online strategies for business engagement.

Coming to Canada as an immigrant, he has worked on and managed digital transformation projects for  municipal and provincial governments, educational institutions, and non-profits. He has been featured on CBC and recognized by the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan and Mayor of Toronto for his leadership & volunteerism. 

Nathalie Nebel

Member at Large

Nathalie is a past parent in the Fresh Air Learning program and a mother of four children. She is a trained secondary school teacher with majors in English and German. She has taught in Switzerland at an international school and in Germany in adult education. 

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