Our Program Facilitators

We love nature, children, and play!

Our program facilitators are here to support your children and your family. Each facilitator brings a unique background in nature-based learning, natural history, and compassionate communication to this work.

North Vancouver 2-7-year-old Programs

Andrea Eilers


Andrea has been working with Fresh Air Learning since early 2015 and volunteered as a parent for 2 years before that. She has a degree in special education and has been working with elementary and preschool families for 20 years. She also owns and operates a parent participation music class and teaches yoga. When she's not volunteering with her two kids' various activities you can find her staying fit and getting inspired outside. She believes that Fresh Air Learning helps give kids resilience, stamina, personal responsibility, and a deep connection to nature, it is her hope that kids fall in love with nature forever and grow to preserve it. See you in our forest office!


Cassie Walde


Hi! My name is Cassie. I grew up in rural Chilliwack climbing trees, petting cows and swimming in the slough. I am a certified Early Childhood Educator working in the field for nearly 5 years. I love to notice subtle intricacies and beauty in nature, and I feel deep appreciation for Earth and life. Children feeling empowered, safe and free forming bonds with nature, and I believe that being excited about the infinite discoveries life has to offer is a key element in the healing of our world and in creating a sustainable future. I am happy to be a part of such an important process and a member of the Fresh Air Learning team!


Rebekah Parker

Rebekah is an experiential educator with a love for the Salish Sea. With almost a decade of facilitation experience, she has worked with groups of all ages in science museums, residential programs, schools, and in the outdoors. She strives to facilitate spaces where children can thrive, follow their curiosities, and grow through building relationships with the more-than-human world and each other. She has trained with the Wilderness
Awareness School, the Outdoor Council of Canada, and Partners for Youth
Empowerment, and earned a Master's in Ecojustice and Sustainability Education from UBC. When not working you can find her on her bicycle (ask about her long distance trips!), taking photos, or sitting under cedar trees. She can't wait to share the joy and excitement of the forest with you!


Sally Plummer

Sally has spent the last 12 years working with children of all ages fostering nature connection and discovering wonder in the natural world. Born and raised by the ocean in rural England, she spent her early years immersed in all the outdoors has to offer. As she did her post-graduate work in Habitat Conservation and Ecology, she realized that connecting children and young people with nature was where her passion lies.  After several years of working with teenagers in the UK, she moved to Canada 8 years ago and has worked in forest schools with younger children.  Her favourite place to be is lying under a tree watching the sky through the leaves, other times you might find her at her jewellery bench making silver jewellery or painting stones with her three boys.

Jocelyn Li - on leave in 2019-2020


Jocelyn is passionate about taking care of the earth and its beings. She
knows that when children are introduced to the beauty and wonders of nature
that they too will want to take care of all that surrounds them. She enjoys
seeing the children's enthusiasm when they splash in puddles, find and
closely look at bugs, and when they are bursting with a story to tell.

Jocelyn has a Bachelor of Kinesiology from UBC, and an Early Childhood
Education Diploma from Langara. In her free time, she enjoys reading,
cooking, hiking, and camping.


Vancouver 2-6-year-old Programs

Cara Agro


Cara was born in Hamilton, Ontario. Since moving to British Columbia Cara continues to be inspired by the beauty of this province. Cara is passionate about providing children with an opportunity to feel capable, confident and curious in the outdoors and hopes to help foster a sense of wonder and respect for our natural environment.  Cara believes that nature is our best teacher and that children deserve ample time to play and learn from the outdoors. 


Cara has a B.A. in English and Cultural Studies from McMaster University and completed the Early Childhood Care and Education program at Vancouver Community College.  She has worked in preschools and in private child care. In her spare time, Cara enjoys adventuring with family and friends and discovering as much of British Columbia as she can.

Tim Day
Tim has been working in childcare since 2014 as a Special Education Aide for children on the Autism Spectrum. When Tim isn't taking kids on adventures across the Lower Mainland he can be found working with Fresh Air Learning or Out and About Adventures.
Tim is a proud practioner of forest school and is passionate about outdoor learning. He's always willing to lend a helping hand and get right into the much while supporting children in their play! Tim is a strong believer in the pro social development which can occur during outdoor, unstructured play.
Caitlan Read - on leave in 2019-20


Caitlan is a passionate outdoor educator who delights in helping children cultivate their natural sense of wonder, curiosity, and questioning. She believes ample opportunity to play in nature helps children become creative, compassionate, and confident people. Working with Fresh Air Learning, she is able to facilitate rich opportunities for children to practise caring deeply for themselves, each other, and nature. Caitlan is a facilitator in our North Vancouver and Vancouver programs.


She has a BSc. in Natural Resources Conservation from UBC, and is currently completing the Early Childhood Care and Education program at Vancouver Community College. She has worked in preschools and community centres, where she has lead programs in outdoor education, music, and gardening. When not working outdoors, Caitlan can be found playing her fiddle, crocheting, and working in the garden.


Daniella Roze


Daniella Roze specializes in the design and delivery of nature-based transformative education.  As a teacher and curriculum design specialist at Fresh Air Learning Elementary and the founder of Thriving Roots Wilderness School, she is committed to guiding others in recognizing their innate wholeness, fostering self-understanding, and aligning their lives with their deepest values.  Daniella will be graduating in 2019 from a Masters of Education program with a focus on ecopsychology and nature and place-based learning, and holds a diploma in Applied Psychology and Counseling.  She draws from extensive training through School of Lost Borders, Animas Valley Institute, The Haven, Wilderness Awareness School, and The Living Wild Project.  With a passion for supporting people on the courageous journey of whole-hearted living, Daniella works toward strengthening community and building resilient culture. 


Hana Hermanek


Hana is a Teacher, Biologist, Musician and Yoga Instructor and has been working for Fresh Air Learning for three years. She grew up on Haida Gwaii and later Vancouver Island where she studied Biology and Spanish at UVIC. She has been fortunate to spend time in the Great Bear Rainforest studying salmon, supporting conservation efforts in Ecuador, sustainable forestry initiatives in Nova Scotia and travelling around BC and the Maritimes for 2 years teaching environmental education to elementary schools. She loves how enthusiastic children are when in the outdoors and she is looking forward to a beautiful year of outdoor learning at Fresh Air Learning this year.

Kate MacDonald


Kate is a community educator and social and environmental activist focusing on social justice pedagogy, children’s agency, and promoting community engagement for young people as a way of addressing systemic inequalities and environmental concerns. She has worked with children in a variety of community based educational settings for over 10 years including running inquiry-based programs in schoolyard classrooms and community garden settings.


Kate MacDonald holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Youth Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Social Justice and Equity Studies from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. Kate is a strong advocate of child-led learning in natural spaces. Her research explores children’s experiences in outdoor learning environments and her approach to education emphasizes the importance of prioritizing children’s voices within their learning spaces.   


Kate recently moved to Vancouver from Ontario, and is thrilled to be able to spend time in the BC forests learning and growing with kids. She loves swimming in the ocean, playing in the snow, and growing food with friends and was one of the founding members of DIG, Brock University Community Garden.

Tricia Edgar


Tricia loves to connect people with their places.  For over 20 years, she has worked as a nature educator, developing programs that explore the streams and forests of the temperate rainforest. She enjoys the time and space that children have when they play outside at forest school, and she loves watching children fill with enthusiasm and wonder in nature. Her favourite thing about the outdoors is playing in creeks, and she has lived in the same watershed for her entire life.

Tricia is a permaculture teacher with a Masters degree focused on ecological restoration and community development. She's also a Forest School Canada facilitator who loves to teach teachers how to find their inner mud-stomping child. When she is not teaching, learning and writing about the outdoors, you can find her hanging out with her daughter, running in the forest, gardening, or caring for her many pets.

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