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The forest isn't only for the little ones! Have your teen join us for our various programs.


Are you looking to extend your child's time in the forest? Continue on with our school district partnership program. Please contact Tricia for more information:



Created for students aged 12-15, have your teen join us for a day of fun in the forest every month! This program is for teens who want to build community and enjoy connecting with nature throughout the year. Those new to nature-based learning are welcome. Learn about local ecology, play games, connect with local nature mentors, and explore hands-on learning and volunteer opportunities.



Programs run September to June.

Payment Policies & Information

  • Each registration requires a one-time $35 non-refundable membership*. Membership fees fund our scholarship and bursary program.

  • First month's fees due upon registration. These are nonrefundable.

  • We require 4 weeks' notice should you decide to withdraw. Remaining fees returned or canceled.

  • After January, fees are non-refundable, unless we can fill the space.

  • We accept homelearning (OL) funds and autism funding. Contact 

  • Payments up to 30 days late will be assessed a 10% administration fee.

  • Payments more than 30 days late will be assessed a 25% administration fee.

  • Spots vacant after a month will be filled.


*Members Receive:

  • A one-time printable resource package for family outdoor exploration. 

  • Free Monthly Member Meet Ups

  • 10% off adult professional development programs


Sick Policies:

  • All programs: there are no credits or refunds for classes missed due to illness.


If enrolling a sibling in a program, enter the code "Sibling2023" to receive a 25% discount off your second and subsequent membership!

If fees pose a financial challenge for your family, please contact us about scholarship funds, to waive the membership fee or alternative payment schedules BEFORE YOU REGISTER. Contact

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